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Cooler Buying Guide: Get the Best Tailgate Party Cooler

It’s very nearly fall, which means football season is nearly here! After having to switch up the playbook during the 2020 football season, it’s time to celebrate kickoff with the return of legendary tailgate parties. You already know how to throw the best tailgate party, and Pelican coolers are here to help you do just that by being the ultimate tailgate coolers. Are you ready to step up your game and throw the best tailgates this season?

Is That a Fun Party Cooler? A Cool Tailgate Cooler? It’s Both!

The best tailgate cooler isn’t just great for a tailgate; it’s great for all kinds of parties. So start planning your tailgate with the best party cooler for you. There are plenty of options to choose from, but some of the best options might be the hard-sided Pelican™ Elite Coolers. Partly that’s because these coolers have lots of insulation that gives them plenty of ice retention so your food and drinks will stay cold until the very end of the tailgate. And no one wants to finish the tailgate with a lukewarm drink! But the better reason to consider getting one of these coolers for your tailgate is because they come with a lifetime warranty. Afterall, you shouldn’t have to buy a new cooler every time football season starts. Here are three of the best tailgate cooler options for you to consider:

Roll Up to the Tailgate with a Great Cooler

One great option for a cool tailgate cooler is the 45QT Elite Wheeled Cooler. Bringing a cooler on wheels to your tailgate just makes sense. Afterall, you’re going to have to get there and set up, and when the game is over and done, you’ll have to break it all down again before you head home. Pelican wheeled coolers have large wheels that can take on all kinds of terrain, and you don’t have to worry about them popping because they’re made of heavy-duty plastic. In addition to being super portable, the 45QT is a roomy cooler. It’s big enough to hold 28 canned beverages while still following the recommended 2:1 ice ratio. That’s more than a case of beer, which means your tailgate can handle a big crowd! So make things easier from start to finish by getting a tailgate cooler with wheels.

Go Big with Your Tailgate Party Cooler

If you’re looking for a big cooler to keep the crowd at your tailgate satisfied, then the 70QT Elite Cooler is the best tailgate cooler for you. It’s got enough room inside to hold 46 canned beverages, that’s nearly two cases—you’ll just have to save those two extra drinks at home for a celebratory round after your team wins. This 70 quart cooler is also injection molded, which means it’s lighter in weight than other similarly sized rotomolded coolers. In fact, this cooler weighs less than the 45QT Elite Wheeled Cooler! So you can have lots more room inside your ultimate tailgate cooler and still not have to struggle to move it around. And if you’ve thrown a lot of tailgate parties in your time, then you know that seating can be at a premium. The 70QT Elite Cooler is the perfect height and length to be a bench for two. You can even get a cooler seat cushion for it, so it will be a comfortable bench to sit on. Just make sure whoever is sitting on the cooler knows they’ll have to jump up when someone else wants a drink!

The Best Tailgate Cooler When You’re a Guest

What if you aren’t hosting the tailgate? What if you’re just going to be a guest? Then you don’t need a big cooler for everyone to use. In that case, the best tailgate cooler is going to be a small one, like the 20QT Elite Cooler, that you can pack up your drinks in and easily bring along with you. This cooler can hold a 12-pack of canned beverages with room to spare. The slender and tall design of this 20 quart cooler gives this cooler two more advantages as a tailgate party cooler. First, the design means the cooler is tall enough for a wine bottle to fit inside, and there is room for up to 4 bottles. Second, when seating is scarce at the tailgate, the 20QT Elite Cooler is a comfortable height to act as a stool, so there’s no need to carry both a folding chair and a cooler to the party.

A Few Tips on How to Throw the Best Tailgate Party

It’s ok to admit that you might be a little rusty as a tailgate host, especially since last season was unusual to say the least. But these quick tips will have you back up and running in high form:
  1. Always use the 2:1 ratio of ice to goods to ensure that the drinks in your ultimate tailgate cooler will always be perfectly chilled throughout the tailgate. All high-end coolers are designed to follow this 2:1 ratio, so you’ll never go wrong when you use it.
  2. Use Pelican Ice packs to give an icy boost to your cool tailgate cooler and keep the party going well past kickoff. Pelican Ice freezes at 28°F, which means the ice in your cooler won’t just stay frozen, it will freeze to these reusable ice packs.
  3. Multiple coolers can make all the difference! Packing separate coolers for your food and drinks is an easy cooler hack to increase performance in the best tailgate coolers. Plus, you can label the coolers, which makes it that much easier for your party guests to get their hands on a frosty brew.

Are You Ready to Throw the Best Tailgate?

It’s clear that in order to host the tailgate that folks will be talking about for the rest of the season you need to know how to throw a tailgate party and have the ultimate tailgate cooler on hand when you do. And now you know that Pelican Elite Coolers are the coolers to have at your tailgate. So which of these tailgate party coolers will you choose to use to make this the most memorable season of tailgating you and your friends have ever had? Everyone is waiting to find out!