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Cooler Use 101: So You Have a Pelican Elite Cooler—Now What?

You wanted the best cooler for ice retention, so you got a Pelican Elite Cooler. But now what? What does it take to get the best ice retention from a high performance cooler? It’s time for a course in Cooler Use 101.

The topics you’ll cover while going through Cooler Use 101 include how much ice to use, the best way to pack a cooler, how to clean your cooler, as well as cooler tips and tricks for increased ice retention and common Pelican cooler FAQs. Taking a little time to go through each of these topics will ensure that you get the most out of your Pelican’s ice retention on every adventure you take it on.

Get the Best Ice Retention From Your Cooler

The number one thing you can do to ensure that you’re getting great performance from your Pelican Elite Cooler is knowing how much ice to use inside it. High performance coolers need to follow the 2:1 ice ratio of twice the amount of ice to goods in the cooler in order to achieve the epic ice retention they’re capable of. But there’s more to using ice in your cooler than just following the 2:1 ice ratio. For instance, to get great ice retention, all high performance coolers should always be pre-chilled before you use it, and cubed ice is the best ice to use for pre-chilling. Do a deep dive into how to use ice in your cooler so that your Pelican’s ice retention is always amazing.

How to Pack a Cooler to Get the Best Ice Retention

Sure you could just throw ice and drinks into your cooler and call it packed. But would doing that give you the best ice retention? Probably not. Even if you followed the 2:1 ice ratio. Well then what is the best way to pack your cooler? The biggest takeaway is to pack in layers, with ice in between every layer. But don’t stop there! Learn even more about how to pack a cooler so that your cooler will always have great ice retention.

How to Clean a Pelican Cooler

Cooler Use 101 isn’t just about how much ice you use in your Pelican Elite Cooler or the best way to pack your cooler. It’s also about how you take care of your cooler when you are done using it. Knowing how to clean your cooler is easy: just use dish soap and water. And knowing to clean your cooler before and after every adventure you take it on saves headaches down the road. No one wants to open their cooler after storing it away for a season and be greeted by a funky smell.

Cooler Hacks to Keep Ice Longer

If you’re using the right amount of ice, packing your cooler in layers, and keeping your cooler clean between uses, chances are you’re getting great performance from your Pelican Elite Cooler already. But if you’re ready to coax every last second of ice retention out of your high performance cooler, then you should check out these cooler hacks to keep ice longer. This collection of cooler tips and tricks ranges from easy (freezing water bottles) to complicated (creating a reflective, insulating cooler cover), but they’ll all help you stretch out your Pelican’s ice retention just a little bit longer.

Top Pelican Cooler FAQs Answered

Even after thoroughly researching the best cooler for ice retention before making a purchase, you might still have questions once your Pelican Elite Cooler arrives. Lots of folks do, which is why it’s great to have a list of Pelican Cooler FAQs close at hand. Not sure why there’s a gap in your cooler’s gasket? Curious about which Pelican Elite Coolers are certified bear-resistant? Likely the answer you need is already there! So finish your course in Cooler Use 101 by making sure you have the answers to your questions.

You’ve Got the Best Cooler for Ice Retention, So Get Out and Use It!

Purchasing a high performance cooler, like a Pelican Elite Cooler, is a big investment. And now that you’ve taken the time to review Cooler Use 101, you’ll be able to capitalize on that investment! So pull the best cooler for ice retention out of its box, clean & pre-chill it before you pack it up (making sure to use every cooler hack to keep ice longer), and hit the road for your adventures. Where will you take your Pelican Elite Cooler? Let us know by tagging us on social media @PelicanCoolers!