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Cooler Buying Guide: Party Coolers and More

Summer is in full swing. The sun is out late into the evening and it’s hot all day. It’s time for a party. But whether you’re the host of the party or one of the guests, you will want to have the gear to ensure it is the best party ever: a party cooler and the ultimate Bluetooth party speaker. Just make sure that your party gear is tough enough to make it through any party, no matter what happens, and still deliver the best performance the whole time.

So Many Possible Party Coolers

Having a dependable cooler is vital to making a party successful. Whether you’re going to host the party or attend it as a guest, there are a number of Pelican coolers that are the perfect solution to how to keep drinks cool at a party. It only takes a moment to find the best Pelican party cooler for you!

Bring Along Your Party Cooler

If you’re heading to a party and you want to bring along a cooler with some chilled beverages, you’ve got two great options to choose from for your Pelican party cooler: the 20QT Elite Cooler and the Dayventure Sling Soft Cooler. These coolers share a lot in common:
  • They carry a similar number of beverages. The 20 quart cooler will hold 15 canned beverages, while the sling cooler holds 12. And they can both carry up to 4 bottles of wine.
  • These party coolers are easy to carry. The sling cooler has a padded, over-the-shoulder strap, so it is simple to sling it over your shoulder as you head to the party. Meanwhile, the 20 quart cooler has a rubberized rigid handle and an EZ Carry Groove that helps the cooler rest alongside your leg more comfortably when you’re carrying it.
  • Both coolers have an iconic design unlike other similar coolers. Pelican coolers frequently feature dual-toned color combinations, and the available colors for the 20 quart coolers and the Dayventure Slings are striking; sure to earn you compliments on your style at every party.
  • The 20QT Elite Cooler and the Dayventure Soft Cooler are the same price: $149.95.

Break Out Your Rolling Party Cooler

If you’re ready to take the party on the road, whether as the host or a guest, it’s time to break out the rolling party cooler. A Pelican wheeled cooler, like the 45QT Elite Wheeled Cooler, is perfect for a party. It’s got plenty of room for drinks, holding 28 canned beverages while following the recommended 2:1 ice ratio. Plus, the 45QT Elite Wheeled Cooler has been rated for 7 days of ice retention, which perfectly solves how to keep drinks cool at the party, even if the party lasts a week. The wheels on Pelican wheeled coolers are wide, large, and made of hard plastic, so they can easily handle a number of different terrains. With a rolling party cooler from Pelican, there are seriously no limits on the parties you can throw.

Big Party? Small Party? There’s a Pelican Party Cooler That’s the Right Size

If you’re hosting a party and you don’t need to worry about having to move it around a lot, then there are even more Pelican party cooler options available to you! That’s because Pelican coolers come in a wide variety of sizes, from the 20QT Elite Cooler all the way up to the 250QT Elite Cooler. But the most popular sizes are the core Pelican Elite Coolers: the 20QT, 30QT, 50QT and 70QT. The latter three sizes are all perfect for a backyard barbeque, an afternoon picnic in the park or at the ballfield, or a weekend-long pool party. All you have to do is figure out how many people are coming and choose the size that is right for you. The 30QT Elite Cooler will hold 22 canned beverages, the 50QT Elite Cooler will hold 34, and the 70QT Elite Cooler will hold 48. It’s time to fill them with ice & drinks and invite everyone over!

How to Keep Drinks Cool at a Party

There’s a certain trick to getting the best performance when you’re using a Pelican party cooler. So don’t miss the trick! Follow these rules so that you’ll know how to keep drinks cool at a party every time:
  1. Pre-chill your cooler every time you are going to use it. Bring it out of storage and into your house 12–24 hours before the party and fill it with 10–20 pounds of ice (depending on the size). When you’re ready to pack your cooler, empty out any water from melted ice before you start.
  2. Make sure you use the 2:1 ratio of ice to goods in your party cooler. No one wants a warm drink, and twice as much ice means your drinks will stay frosty cold until well after the party ends.
  3. Always pack your cooler cold! Don’t toss in room temp drinks and expect the ice in the cooler to chill them and stay frozen. Start refrigerating your drinks when you start pre-chilling your cooler. Plus, packing cold drinks in your cooler means that your drinks will be refreshingly cold from the beginning of your party.

Party On, Party People!

Now you know that the Dayventure Sling Soft Cooler or a Pelican wheeled cooler or one of the core Elite Coolers is the perfect party cooler you’re looking for. You even know how to keep drinks cool at your party in your Pelican cooler. And you’ve got the ultimate Bluetooth party speaker charged and ready to play your favorite tunes. So it’s time to start the party. Where is everybody at?