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Free shipping on orders over $35

Call out of work & cancel all your plans

During the summer there are days where the weather is the perfect balance of hot sun and cool breeze that you just have to get out and enjoy. Days that demand you to call out of work and cancel plans so that you can spend the day sitting by a lake or hiking in the hills. These dayventures are never planned, so you need to be able to grab your supplies and leave the house at a moment’s notice. That is why Pelican made the Dayventure Soft Coolers.

Easy Peasy Picnic

Go on a picnic with the Pelican Dayventure Backpack Soft Cooler. The lower compartment of this backpack is a dedicated cooler compartment that can hold six cans of soda and ice. The upper compartment of the backpack is lightly insulated, so you can pack it full of sandwiches, fruit and snacks, before rolling it shut. The Dayventure Backpack’s comfortable shoulder straps make carrying it a breeze and the compression-molded base keeps it upright when you set it down.

Every Sling You Want

At less than eight pounds, the Pelican Dayventure Sling Soft Cooler won’t weigh down any adventure. This compact soft cooler is easy to carry thanks to a padded over-the-shoulder strap. The Dayventure Sling is big enough to carry a 12-pack of beer or four bottles of wine, which makes it perfect for more adult adventures. If you’re looking for the best way to keep your sling cooler cold, look no further than the reusable 1lb Pelican Ice pack. These blow-molded ice packs were designed to fit perfectly into the Dayventure Sling Soft Cooler.

Heed the Siren Song

Adventure can happen at any time. Listen closely and you’ll hear the siren song of summer calling to you. Don’t let the call catch you unprepared. With a Pelican Dayventure Soft Cooler, you’ll be ready to drop everything and stride into the beautiful unknown. What else could be better on a perfect summer day?