Fast & free shipping on coolers

Fast & free shipping on coolers

Adventure’s Best Friends

Are you and your best friends ready for an adventure? It’s summer, and that means it’s time to get out of the house. Pack up your Pelican Elite Cooler and start your adventure now! But don’t forget your cooler’s best friends: accessories like a dry rack basket, Pelican Ice, and most of all the Adventure Ready Camp Cutting Board + Cooler Divider.

A Well-Made Cooler

Pelican Elite Coolers are built to do two things: deliver top performance and last for the long haul. An insulating, continuous layer of polyurethane foam is held between durable polypropylene walls. Unique Press & Pull Latches are easy to use, even one-handed with gloves on, but won’t open on their own. Hard-sided Pelican Elite Coolers are all made in America and come with a lifetime guarantee. Pelican Elite Coolers were designed so that accessories could be easily used with them, whether it’s a dry rack basket inside, or tie-down kit & marine cable lock outside. The 20QT, 50QT, and 70QT Elite Coolers were even designed with slots inside for a cooler divider.

A New Accessory for New Adventures

The shame is that for so long there was no divider available for these coolers. Customers asked again and again where they could find one. That’s when we decided that we needed to create one for our customers. Now we’re so happy to have the Adventure Ready Camp Cutting Board + Cooler Divider available. This cooler divider is available in two sizes: one for the 20QT Elite Cooler and one for the 50QT and 70QT Elite Coolers. They’re manufactured across the street from our warehouse by a small business, which is powered entirely on solar energy.

How to Pack a Cooler with a Divider

Using the Adventure Ready Camp Cutting Board + Cooler Divider while packing your cooler changes the game entirely by splitting your cooler into two compartments! Organization is key to a well-packed cooler. You can use one side just for drinks and pack the food on the other side using cooler lasagna. Or you can keep frozen foods on one side and leave fresh food on the other side. But keep in mind that the cooler divider doesn’t form a seal, and melting ice will get water on both sides of the cooler. So keep items that need to stay dry at the top of the cooler.

Join in the Adventure

The world is your oyster with a power couple like the Pelican Elite Cooler and the Adventure Ready Camp Cutting Board + Cooler Divider in your corner. Adventure is around every corner and you’re ready for it. So don’t forget to invite a couple of friends to join in, and get out there to enjoy the adventure.