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RTIC Wheeled Cooler: Keeping Your Beverages Cold on the Go


Embrace the Versatility of the RTIC Wheeled Cooler

Are you tired of lugging around heavy coolers whenever you plan an outdoor adventure or a day at the beach? Look no further! TheRTIC 52 QT Ultra-Light Wheeled Cooler provides a great solution for keeping your beverages chilled while offering the convenience of easy transportation. With its 78-can capacity, multi-day ice retention, and puncture-resistant all-terrain wheels, this cooler is designed to meet the demands of outdoor enthusiasts. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and frequently asked questions about the RTIC 52 QT Ultra-Light Wheeled Cooler. Get ready to embark on a journey of functionality and practicality that will revolutionize your outdoor experiences.

What Makes the RTIC 52 QT Ultra-Light Wheeled Cooler Stand Out?

RTIC 52 Quart Ultra-Light Wheeled Hard Cooler

The RTIC 52 QT Ultra-Light Wheeled Cooler stands out due to its exceptional features and high-quality construction. With a 78-can capacity, it offers ample space to store your beverages and food items. Additionally, its multi-day ice retention feature keeps your contents cold for extended periods, making it perfect for long trips and outdoor adventures.

The Advantages of Portability with the RTIC Cooler

One of the key advantages of the RTIC 52 QT Ultra-Light Wheeled Cooler is its portability. Equipped with puncture-resistant, all-terrain wheels, this cooler effortlessly traverses through rough terrains, including mud, dry sand, stairs, and rugged trails. The ultra-light construction, weighing 30 pounds and up to 30% lighter than competing wheeled coolers, makes it easy to transport.

Durability: Built to Withstand the Elements

The RTIC 52 QT Ultra-Light Wheeled Cooler is designed to withstand the elements. With ultra-strong tires, a patented reinforced suspension, welded aluminum handle, stainless steel hardware, and structural reinforcements throughout, this cooler is built to be exceptionally strong. It has been tested to withstand over 1 ton of downward force while remaining lightweight.

Insulation: Keeping Your Beverages Cold

The RTIC 52 QT Ultra-Light Wheeled Cooler boasts 2.5 inches of closed-cell foam insulation, which keeps your food and drinks cold for multiple days. This premium ice retention feature ensures that your contents stay chilled even in hot weather conditions. For optimal ice retention, pre-chilling the cooler with ice or ice packs before adding your food, drinks, and additional ice is recommended.

Size Matters: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Needs

With a capacity of 52 quarts, the RTIC 52 QT Ultra-Light Wheeled Cooler offers plenty of space to store your beverages and food items. Its dimensions, measuring 29 x 18.25 x 18.75 inches, provide a perfect balance between capacity and portability, making it suitable for various outdoor activities, including camping, beach trips, barbecues, and more.

Convenient Features for Easy Handling

The RTIC 52 QT Ultra-Light Wheeled Cooler is designed with several convenient features to enhance your experience. The ergonomic silicone-gripped, no-slam aluminum handle makes it easy to tow the cooler, and it can double up as a bench, step stool, tabletop, or extra cutting board. Additionally, a durable silicone cargo net built into the lid provides storage for smaller items.

RTIC Cooler Accessories: Enhancing Your Experience

To further enhance your RTIC cooler experience, a range of accessories is available. These accessories include dividers for better organization, lock brackets for added security, and more. Explore the accessory options to customize your cooler based on your specific needs.

Great Companion for Outdoor Enthusiasts

The RTIC 52 QT Ultra-Light Wheeled Cooler is a solid companion for outdoor enthusiasts. Its durability, ice retention, portability, and convenience make it suitable for various activities such as camping, fishing, boating, and beach trips. No matter where your explorations take you, this cooler ensures your beverages stay cold and refreshing.

Maintaining and Cleaning Your RTIC Cooler

Proper maintenance and cleaning are important to ensure the longevity of your RTIC cooler. Regularly rinse the cooler with mild detergent and warm water, and allow it to air dry. Applying a UV protectant spray helps prevent sun damage and fading. Refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for detailed instructions on maintaining and cleaning your RTIC 52 QT Ultra-Light Wheeled Cooler.

Comparison: The RTIC 52 QT Ultra-Light Wheeled Cooler vs. Other Brands

Pelican Elite Wheeled Cooler


When comparing the RTIC 52 QT Ultra-Light Wheeled Cooler to the Pelican Elite Wheeled Cooler, you'll find exceptional options for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Pelican Elite Wheeled Cooler is a premium option known for its ruggedness and superior ice retention capabilities. Available in sizes of45QT,65QT, and80QT, the Pelican Elite Wheeled Cooler offers versatility to suit different needs.

The Pelican Elite Wheeled Cooler features large-diameter rugged wheels for easy transportation, even when fully loaded. It offers impressive ice retention, with up to 10 days of ice retention for all three sizes. The coolers are equipped with press-and-pull latches, sturdy trolley handles, rubber non-skid feet, built-in sloped drains with tethered drain caps, fish rulers on the lids, stainless steel hardware, and built-in bottle openers. Additionally, all Pelican Elite Wheeled Coolers are certified bear-proof by the IGBC and come with a lifetime warranty.

Conclusion: Embrace the Coolness on Wheels

Whether you choose the RTIC 52 QT Ultra-Light Wheeled Cooler or the Pelican Elite Wheeled Cooler, you can't go wrong. Both options provide excellent performance, durability, and ice retention to keep your beverages and food cold during your outdoor adventures. Select the cooler that best suits your needs and embrace the coolness on wheels.