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BrüTank Cooler Elevate Your Adventures

When it comes to coolers that take outdoor experiences to new heights, both the BrüTank 55qt and the Pelican 45QT Elite Wheeled Cooler are worthy contenders. Let's delve into the unique features of each cooler and see how they compare in enhancing your adventures.

BrüTank 55qt: Versatile Features for Endless Fun

The BrüTank 55qt is a great addition to the world of coolers. Designed to enhance your camping trips, beach days, RV adventures, sporting events, and house parties, this cooler has some unique features. Its signature feature is the removable 2.8-gallon drink tank with a built-in tap, allowing you to mix your favorite beverages right in the cooler. 

With a capacity to hold up to 50 12 oz slim cans, the BrüTank ensures you and your friends are never short on refreshments. Additionally, it can accommodate 48 standard 12oz US cans, making it perfect for a diverse selection of beverages.

The BrüTank's adventure-proof design ensures it can handle the challenges of outdoor use. Its puncture-resistant all-terrain wheels glide effortlessly over any surface, including sand, making it easy to transport wherever you go. The leakproof construction adds peace of mind during rugged journeys, while the foam seat top serves as a convenient resting spot during your outdoor activities.

One of the BrüTank's most impressive qualities is its ice retention capability, boasting 7+ days of ice retention. With a 40 lbs ice capacity and excellent insulation, your drinks will stay chilled throughout your extended trips, allowing you to savor every moment without worrying about refreshing your cooler constantly.

BrüTank 35qt: Compact and Lightweight

For those seeking a more portable option, the BrüTank 35qt is a 30% lighter and more compact alternative to the 55qt model. Despite its smaller size, it still includes a removable 1.8-gallon drink tank, all-terrain wheels, and the same features as its larger counterpart. Ideal for camping, beach days, RV trips, and more, the BrüTank 35qt delivers convenience and enjoyment in a smaller package.

Pelican 45QT Elite Wheeled Cooler: Rugged Reliability


Pelican 45QT Elite Wheeled Cooler

As a worthy competitor, the Pelican 45QT Elite Wheeled Cooler is built to accompany you on weekend expeditions, whether it's to the trailhead or the soccer field. The large-diameter rugged wheels can handle whatever terrain you're tackling, even when your cooler is fully loaded. Inside, the true 45QT capacity has room for 34 cans and the ice to keep them cold. For even greater capacity, the Pelican Elite Cooler is available in a65QT size and an impressive80QTcapacity that has room for 58 cans plus ice.

The Pelican cooler boasts impressive ice retention, with the ability to keep ice for up to 7 days, thanks to its freezer-grade gasket and 2 inches of polyurethane insulation. The heavy-duty retractable handle ensures easy portability, and the cooler is certified bear-proof by the IGBC, adding a layer of durability and safety.

A Reliable Companion for a Lifetime

Pelican backs up their hard-sided Elite Coolers with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing against breakage or defects in workmanship for the life of the cooler. With outer walls made from polypropylene, insulation from polyurethane foam, and stainless steel hardware, you can trust the longevity of the Pelican cooler.

Conclusion: Choosing Your Ultimate Adventure Companion

Both the BrüTank 55qt and the Pelican 45QT Elite Wheeled Cooler offer unique features and rugged reliability to elevate your outdoor adventures. The BrüTank impresses with its drink tank, versatile capacity, and great ice retention, making it an excellent choice for those who love to mix drinks and need ample space for beverages.

On the other hand, the Pelican cooler is a reliable companion built to withstand tough environments, with impressive ice retention and a lifetime warranty. It's a perfect fit for those who prioritize ruggedness, durability, and a true 45QT capacity.

Whether you choose the innovative BrüTank or the rugged Pelican cooler, both options will undoubtedly enhance your outdoor experiences and keep your drinks chilled for days. Happy adventuring!