Fast & free shipping on coolers

Fast & free shipping on coolers


Happy Birthday to Home

Summer is when all the fun happens. Family trips. Weekends at the beach or on the river. Music festivals and outdoor concert series. Baseball, tennis, and volleyball games. Camping and hiking, canoeing and kayaking, the adventures abound. And sandwiched right in the middle of it all: the Fourth of July, a raucous celebration of the country we all call home. And why not celebrate America in style with American-made products?

The Hard-Sided Truth

All hard-sided Pelican Elite Coolers are manufactured in the United States. These coolers are designed to be tough, constructed from durable polypropylene walls with a thick layer of polyurethane foam sandwiched between them. They’re loaded with features: molded-in handles & tie downs, a bottle opener built into the lock hasp, a fish ruler and cup holders on the lid, one-of-a-kind press & pull latches, non-slip rubber feet, and a drain plug with tethered cap (not available on the 20QT). Best of all, hard-sided Pelican Elite Coolers have a lifetime warranty, not that you’ll need it.

Americana Because You Wanna

Pelican’s limited edition Americana Collection is back again this summer. These hard-sided coolers are the best way to show how proud you are to be an American. You can choose between the 20QT and 50QT Pelican Elite Coolers, but the choices don’t stop there. Do you want a red, white & blue cooler or a blue, white & red one?

One Easy Way to Increase Performance: Accessories

Accessories make everything better, whether it’s a great pair of glasses to shade your eyes by the pool or an ice pack to keep your cooler icy cold. Pelican Elite Coolers have a variety of accessories to choose from, but here are a few of the best.
Coolers are supposed to keep your drinks and food cold, so the top accessory has to be reusable ice packs. Thanks to the wonders of science, Pelican Ice freezes at 28°F. Using a mix of regular ice and Pelican Ice provides excellent ice retention in your Pelican Elite Cooler, with the added fun of seeing the ice cubes freeze to the Pelican Ice pack.
Pelican Elite Coolers were thoughtfully designed with as many features as possible. The Adventure Ready Camp Cutting Board + Cooler Divider gives you the opportunity to make use of every single feature in the 20QT, 50QT, and 70QT Elite Coolers. Dividing your cooler makes organization easier while you’re packing. And once you’ve reached your destination, you can use the divider as a cutting board for meal prep.
You’ve invested a lot in your Pelican Elite Cooler, invest a little bit more to ensure its security. The 2-Pak Pelican Marine Cable Lock comes with two locks. One has an 8 foot cut-resistant cable that can be used to secure your cooler to just about anything: a picnic table, a truck bed, a tree. You can even run the cable through the molded-in tie-downs on your cooler and still be able to open the lid while it is secured. The other lock has an extra long shackle that will fit through the lock hasp on your Pelican Elite Cooler perfectly to keep it locked shut.

This Land is Your Land

So why wait any longer? Embrace great products made in America, and then get out of the house and enjoy America this summer. It doesn’t matter if you throw a party in the backyard, spend a weekend in a National Park, or take a roadtrip from coast to coast, America is waiting to see you! Just don’t forget to pack your cooler before you leave home.