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Adventure Dawn to Dark

The long summer days are still here, and it’s time to fill them with adventure from dawn to dark. But not every adventure needs to be big and expansive. Small adventures spread throughout your day can change your perspective on the world around you. Here are a few ideas for easy adventures that you can take throughout the day. Just don’t forget to bring a drink in your Pelican Dayventure Tumbler. It’s important to stay hydrated in the summer heat.

Put a Bird on It

Rise and shine! The best time to go bird-watching is early in the morning. As the sun rises, gather your essentials: a guidebook and a notebook to record your observations, a pair of binoculars if you have them, and a 16oz Dayventure Tumbler filled with coffee or tea. This vacuum-sealed, stainless steel tumbler will keep your drink piping hot so that every sip is as delicious as the first. The best part of this early morning adventure is that you don’t have to go far. Your backyard is a great place to begin your bird-watching adventures.

Go Back to Nature

In the afternoon take a break from work and go on a nature walk in a nearby park. You don’t have to go far to appreciate what nature has to offer. A small field notebook is perfect to note the things that take your attention. Take your time so you don’t miss small flowers in the shadows, delicate spiderwebs, or well-camouflaged frogs. While you’re on your walk you can enjoy a refreshing iced drink in a 22oz Dayventure Tumbler. The stainless steel these tumblers are made of is the best quality available, so it won’t have any effect on the taste of your drink.

Become Starstruck

Summer is a great time to take up stargazing. While August nights may still get chilly, it won’t be as bad as a fourteen hour, subzero January night filled with icy winds. Find a patch of dark sky, put on an extra sweater, and pack up the binoculars you used while bird-watching this morning. Don’t forget to fill your 10oz Dayventure Tumbler with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to keep you warm while you’re looking up at the night sky. Pelican Dayventure Tumblers have a new lid design that allows them to be sealed 100% against leaks and spills, which is especially important in the dark! Now then, where is the Big Dipper?

Head Out into the World

Not every adventure is a huge production. With minimal gear and planning you can get right to enjoying these adventures too. Grab your Pelican Dayventure Tumbler and head out the door. What adventures are you planning on taking?