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What Even Is a Pelican Dry Box?

Pelican is perhaps best known for making protective hard cases. The smallest of these, the Micro Cases and the Personal Utility Cases, are awesome accessories to have when you’re adventuring outdoors. These cases are just big enough to hold the essentials, without wasting a lot of space or adding extra bulk. You can even store them inside your cooler during your adventures, safely out of the way and sealed against the slowly melting ice, which is why we call them Pelican Dry Boxes.

Mic(ro) Drop

The Pelican Micro Cases are the OG dry box. These cases were first released nearly twenty years ago. You can choose between the Pelican 1050 Case, which is shorter and deeper, or the Pelican 1060 Case, which is longer and overall slightly larger. These cases have a rubber liner that doubles as an o-ring seal and an automatic purge valve to equalize internal pressure while keeping out water.

On the Go

Released in early 2019, the Pelican Go Cases may not have the same history as the Micro Cases, but that doesn't mean they aren't delivering the same great performance. As the name implies, these cases are designed for folks on the go. You can easily keep your Go Case close at hand with the convenient carry handle, which makes it easy to attach the case to your gear with a carabiner. The rubberized bumper that runs along the exterior of the case protects the case in the event of drops or bumps while you are on the move.

Ruck On

The Pelican Ruck Cases are for your most rough and tumble adventures. These are the biggest of the dry boxes, and they are perfect for organizing any small kit you may have: first aid, tools, survival, or anything really. A rigid internal tray and a snap-in, flexible lid organizer are both made with a MOLLE-style loop system so that you can keep your gear exactly where you want it. Ruck cases have been tested to be waterproof at a depth of up to two meters for thirty minutes. So rest easy knowing that no matter what happens on your adventure, your kit will be dry and ready to use.

Adventure Essentials

You can find the best dry boxfor your adventures thanks to the huge variety in these small cases. Three basic designs, seven different sizes, and sixteen available colors give you plenty of options to choose from. Get a Pelican Dry Box to protect your small essentials. You’ll never regret being ready for all the last-minute adventures that come up.