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The Comprehensive Guide to Selecting the Best Fishing Coolers in 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Fishing Coolers in 2023: All You Need to Know

When it comes to the art and sport of fishing, there's an unsung hero that often goes unnoticed: the fishing cooler. Whether casting lines from a boat, getting amongst some kayak fishing, or throwing your lines from the sandy shores, having the best cooler for fishing is vital. But with a swarm of brands and models flooding the market, how does one distinguish the best fishing coolers from the mediocre? In this detailed guide, we'll navigate the waters of fishing ice chests, helping you anchor down the best fishing cooler for your needs.

Essential Features of the Best Fishing Coolers

Picture this: Your fishing gear is packed, cold drinks are lined up in what you believed was a trusty fishing cooler, and the excitement is peak as you prep for a multi-day fishing adventure with your crew. But as the day unfolds, that budget cooler you snagged on a whim reveals its flaws. Melted ice pools at the bottom, your drinks lose their crisp coldness, and the day's fresh catch begins to show signs of spoilage. The importance of investing in a high-quality fishing cooler has never been clearer.

Here are some key things to look for when buying a fishing cooler.

Drain Plug

Easily manage melted ice and prevent bacterial growth with a conveniently located drain plug. A side-mounted plug is often more user-friendly than one at the cooler's base.

Wheeled Cooler

Portability is critical for those tricky terrains. A wheeled cooler equipped with robust wheels ensures ease of transportation. A sturdy handle and good balance become indispensable, especially with a heavy cooler.

Ice Retention

For those extended fishing trips, choose a cooler known for its ice-retention abilities. The secret lies in thick insulation, airtight seals, and a design that keeps the cold air trapped while keeping hot air out. Keep your catch cold and your drinks ice cold too.

Leak Proof Cooler

Gone are the worries of water spillage damaging your fishing gear or car. With modern coolers sporting a leakproof cooler design, you're all set for a carefree fishing trip.

Reliable Fishing Products

Stick to reputable brands that use high-quality materials. Marine coolers, for instance, are crafted exceptionally for the challenging fishing environment. Built with rust-resistant stainless steel hardware, these promise durability and effectiveness. A high-quality cooler can make the difference between fresh fish and a quality catch going to waste.

Insulated Fish Cooler Bags

Keep your catch fresh. If kayak fishing is your thing, or if you're on a short fishing trip, opt for a soft cooler bag. These soft-sided coolers are light and easily transportable. Ensure they come with leak-proof features and adequate insulation to keep the contents cold.

Fishing Cooler Types

Marine Coolers

Exclusively designed for fishing boats, these coolers exhibit supreme durability thanks to the roto-molded design, stainless steel hardware, and efficient drain plugs.

Heavy Coolers

Heavy coolers made of roto-molded plastic are your best bet if you're aiming for extended ice retention. These beasts can preserve food, drinks and hold the cool temperature for a long time.

Soft Sided Coolers

Ideal for light traveling, a soft-sided cooler can be less hefty when compared to its hard counterparts. They retain ice effectively, ensuring your catch stays fresh and drinks ice cold.

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Best Budget Fishing Cooler

Pelican 20QT Elite Cooler

front view of pelican 20qt elite cooler white grey

When you're out on the water waiting for that prize catch, the last thing you want to compromise on is the quality of your gear, especially when you're on a budget. If you're after a good fishing cooler, you can't beat thePelican 20QT Elite Cooler: an angler's dream, combining affordability with unparalleled functionality. Its sleek design isn’t just about looks; it’s about performance. Slide it effortlessly behind your car seat, or let it double up as your fishing perch, with its height perfect for storing even a wine bottle. With a capacity to hold 15 cans and ice for a whopping two days, this isn’t just a marine cooler; it’s an experience, all wrapped up and ready for countless fishing trips.

Key Features:

  • True 20-Quart Capacity: Store everything, from lunch for two, 15 cans, to four wine bottles, all kept icy cool with its airtight seal.
  • Unyielding Ice Retention: Up to 2 days, ensuring your catch and beverages stay cold.
  • Integrated Amenities: Cup holders, a stainless steel bottle opener, and easy-to-use press & pull latches.
  • Ergonomic Design: A comfy rubber grip handle, molded-in tie-downs, and non-skid rubber feet ensure stability even on slippery boat decks.

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Best Portable Fishing Cooler

Pelican™ 65QT Elite Wheeled Cooler

Closed Pelican 65QT Elite Wheeled Cooler

Every fisherman knows the importance of freshness, whether it's the bait or the catch of the day. Pelican delivers just that with the65QT Elite Wheeled Cooler, a trusted sidekick for those long fishing trips. Meticulously designed with mobility in mind, this portable cooler boasts rugged wheels and a retractable handle, ensuring that rocky terrains are no longer a hindrance. This huge cooler promises a chilling 10-day ice retention, perfect for cold fish, making it ideal for extended adventures. Whether you're casting lines at the lake, kayak fishing, or camping in the wilderness, this cooler's 44-can capacity ensures that thirst or hunger won't interrupt your passion.


  • Prolonged Ice Retention: Stay cold for up to an impressive ten days. Keep your fish cooler for longer.
  • Generous Storage: Cooler capacity accommodates 44 cans using a 2:1 ice ratio.
  • Rugged Mobility: Large-diameter wheels combined with a robust trolley handle make transportation a breeze.
  • Practical Additions: Fish ruler on the lid, built-in bottle opener, and a sloped drain with a tethered cap, enhancing your fishing experience.
  • Durable Construction: Stainless steel hardware and rubber non-skid feet ensure durability and stability, respectively.

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Best Smaller Fishing Cooler

Pelican 14QT Personal Cooler & Dry Box

Closed Pelican 14QT Personal Cooler and Dry Box

Every angler knows the significance of a trusty cooler by their side, and thePelican 14QT Personal Cooler & Dry Box emerges as the fisherman's ideal companion on solo fishing escapades. Although a smaller cooler, it's ready to fit a six-pack of your favorite brews or two 1lb ice packs, making sure your catch stays fresh until you hit the shore. This trusty number is also a perfect kayak fishing cooler. Organize baits, small tackles, or lunch with the snap-in flexible organizer. Rest easy knowing your essentials like keys or phone is protected in its dedicated dry box from splashes, dust, and unexpected tumble. It's not just a cooler; it's the angler's reliable sidekick, guarding your essentials while you reel in the big ones.

Key Features:

  • 14QT Ice Retention Capacity: Ensures your bait and catch stay fresh and your drinks cold even under the sun's blaze.
  • Insulation Mastery: Designed with top-notch insulation thickness to combat the challenges of fishing environments.
  • Diverse Storage: Whether you're stowing away lunch, baits, or a 6-pack of cold ones, it's tailored to fit an angler's needs.

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The Verdict

Choosing the best fishing cooler depends heavily on the kind of fishing you're into and the conditions you'll be in. Reliable fishing products, like the Pelican Elite series, ensure your catch remains fresh, letting you focus on the thrill of the catch. So the next time you’re gearing up for a fishing trip, ensure your cooler is as ready as you are.