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Frequently Asked Questions

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Pelican™ Warranty Information
How to file a warranty claim
How can I get replacement parts for my cooler?
What can I file a warranty claim for?
Product Specific Questions
Why Pelican?
What are Pelican™ Elite Coolers made out of?
Where are Pelican™ Elite Coolers designed and manufactured?
My drain plug is leaking. What can I do?
How do I clean my cooler?
My cooler didn’t come with a bottle opener. Can I install one?
The latch on my cooler broke. How do I know which replacement latch to order?
Why does my cooler leak when it tips over?
The corner of my cooler’s gasket is folded over. What can I do?
Why does my cooler’s gasket have a gap in it?
Can I use my Pelican™ Elite Cooler to keep items hot?
Can I use dry ice in my Pelican™ Elite Cooler?
How long my Pelican™ Elite Cooler retain ice?
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Why won't my promo code work?
Price adjustments and price matching
Can I get a payment plan or pay for my purchase in installments?
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