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There is no need to blow your budget this year while you are shopping for gifts. And staying in budget doesn't mean everyone is getting the same pair of socks. While we were working on our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide, we gathered together this collection of awesome gifts under $75 that will appeal to your fiscally-responsible side as well as your awesome-gift-giving side. Check out this guide for fun ways you can give these gifts to your family and friends!

A Warm and Cheery Start to the Day

Forgo the wrapping this year! Begin the gift-giving with hot drinks delivered bedside in brand new Pelican Dayventure Tumblers this Christmas morning. It will be worth getting up early to brew strong black coffee and make hot cocoa topped with mountains of whipped cream when you see the delight on your family's faces as they sip their beverages from their tumblers. You can even match each person to the tumbler that fits them best thanks to the variety of sizes and colors they are available in.

Supplement the Stockings

Pelican bottles will look great lined up on the mantle above the stockings. You can double the candy haul in your family’s stockings by stuffing a Pelican bottle full of candy, gift cards, and other goodies. Of course, as far as we’re concerned, stockings are where the weird gifts go, so we support you including socks, clementines, and toothbrushes with the bottles. After all, a 64oz bottle has a lot of room to fill, so get creative!

Trim the Tree with Gifts from Pelican

To festoon your tree with useful gifts all you need is a couple of carabiners and some Pelican Dry Boxes. The protective cases can even be used to hold small gifts or stocking stuffers, especially since they fall below your $75 budget

The 1050 and 1060 are both basic protective cases. They come with a carabiner included, which makes it that much easier to hang them on the tree. So fill them with treats or small toys. Since these cases don’t have any trays or frills inside, they’re perfect for small gifts that are oddly shaped or a little bulky.
The Go Cases are perfect for small gadgets. A G10 is the perfect size for small electronic gadgets, like earbuds or a fun USB stick. And while a cell phone may be outside your gifting budget, you can get a low profile power pack to put in a G40 while staying in your budget.
If you are giving a gift to someone who needs a little help organizing their kits, consider giving them a Ruck Case. You can spend an afternoon drawing the tools of their bike repair kit or their everyday carry essentials on cardstock, cut them out, and organize them inside the Ruck Case as a fun way to show the recipient of your gift how they might want to use it.

A Treasure Hunt for Gifts

It can be tough to figure out what to get for someone who already has a Pelican Elite Cooler. Well, the Elite Coolers get better when they’re used with accessories that were created with them in mind. Since giving the accessories as gifts creates a theme, why not incorporate the cooler into the gift-giving to really lay into the theme and have some fun? After you wrap each of the accessories, pull out the cooler and fill it with biodegradable packing peanuts, then you can bury each of the accessories within the cooler and ta-da! Christmas fun as a treasure hunt ensues to find all the gifts hidden within the packing peanuts.

The Gift in the Card

Sometimes it just isn’t practical to buy someone a physical gift. Some folks buy everything for themselves before anyone else has a chance to give it to them. Some folks are so far away that the shipping is prohibitive. Sometimes you just aren’t sure what would be the best gift to even give someone. The solution to all of these problems is to give the gift of a Pelican Coolers Gift Card. We are guaranteed to have at least one product that will interest the receiver of a gift card to our store. And for the price of the gift card and a stamp, you’ve made someone’s day with a gift that lets them get exactly what they want.

Give the Best Gifts on a Budget

Now you have a ton of ideas for gifts under $75, as well as all the kinds of ways you could go about giving them. Best of all, none of these gifts is going to bust your budget, which is always a good thing, but especially important this year. Not sure which of these excellent gifts is the one to give? We’ve got that covered too. Our list of Best Selling Value Gifts highlights the top selling products under $75 on our site in 2020.