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The Lunchbox Cooler That Keeps Your Grub & Drinks Fresh And Chill All Day!

Say goodbye to lukewarm lunches—beat the heat and eat fresh, every time!

This beast can hold ice for all day chill and swallows up to 8 cans with room to spare. Designed tough right here in the USA, it's got your back with a rock-solid 3-year warranty.

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Grab Your Pelican Cooler Now!

You Can’t Go Wrong With American-Designed Insulation Technology

Your cooler will perform to your expectations, or we'll make it right.

Did you know most lunchbox coolers are used over 200 times a year?

So if you go with one of our competitors, you may end up having to replace your cooler every year, which will end up costing you hundreds of dollars per year…

But here at EliteCooler.Com, we give you a 3 year minimum warranty for every cooler.

So backed by our multi-year warranty, we can proudly say that you should not expect any more wet sandwiches or warm drinks

So feel free to use your Pelican 8QT cooler however you want, knowing we’ve got you coveredBut how can we be so sure of the quality of our Pelican 8QT cooler?

Well - the Pelican 8QT cooler is made up of cutting edge injection-molded polypropylene which is then expertly insulated with polyurethane foam

This ensures premium grade ice holding capabilities, durability and structural integrity

Don't believe us?

Well, here's what some Pelican 8QT purchasers have to say :

“Product is made of top-quality material the great point about this product is the ice holds for about a day and a half really awesome.”

“My husbands birthday gift. Consolidated two lunch boxes to one! He loves it and it so heavy when full!”

“I'll throw some extra ice packs in here at around 2:00 in the morning and the ice stays through my whole shift and by the time I get home at around 6:00 at night some of the ice packs are still solid that was true even during days when it was 90° outside.”

So if you’re unhappy with your cooler or if you have any issues at all...

Just know that we will make it right with our 3 year warranty

Order now while supplies last!

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Fits up to 8 cans, so you can pack plenty of grub and drinks.
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Built-in ice packs keep your lunch cold and fresh for days.
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Includes a removable tray to separate your lunch and snacks.
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Additional dry storage under the lid.
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Secure latch that locks tight to keep your lunch safe.
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Flip-up handle for comfortable carrying around the job site
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Durable exterior that shrugs off bumps and dings.
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American-made: Engineered right here in the USA.

Only 8 left in stock — hurry!

Grab Your Pelican Cooler Now!

Your order is backed by our 3-year warranty. No BS, just a really good cooler.

Jobsite Lunch Box On Steroids

48+ Hours Ice-Retention

The secret is a tough outer shell and thick insulation that fights off the heat. Just toss in a 2:1 ice-to-goods ratio, and your lunch stays fresh, and your drinks stay frosty—from your first coffee break to quitting time, even during a blazing-hot summer day.

Built To Stands The Beating On Jobsite

Its ruggedness goes beyond just appearance. The outer shell is made of super-durable PVC that can handle bumps, drops, and the occasional toss in the back of your truck without a sweat. The handle is rock solid, too—load it up with drinks and ice, and you can feel that it’s not going to break anytime soon.

3-Year Warranty

We’re so confident that this lunchbox cooler will be your reliable companion for many years to come. That's why we back it with a rock-solid 3-year warranty. Order yours today and enjoy peace of mind.


Only 8 left in stock — hurry!

Grab Your Pelican Cooler Now!

Your order is backed by our 3-year warranty. No BS, just a damn good cooler.

Surprisingly huge space inside

The interior compartment lets you stock up to eight cans of your favorite beverages. And there’s an additional dry compartment to keep your sandwiches and snacks fresh. This means you can even pack enough stuff for a long shift or trip.

Leakproof and Rustproof

All the metal hardware is stainless steel, so rust won't be a concern. What’s more, the lid is equipped with a secure latch that seals tight—no worries about rain storms turning your lunch into a soggy mess.

Cleaning is a breeze!

Spills? Just wipe them down. Stubborn stains? A quick scrub and they're gone. Also, the removable tray easily pops out for a thorough rinse. After a long day on the job, the last thing you need is a cooler that's a pain to clean—and you’ll be thankful this bad boy got you covered!

Thoughtfully Designed With Smart Features That Makes Your Lunch Break a Breeze

This cooler's already a winner with its rock-solid build and awesome ice retention. But we didn't stop there. We packed it with more features to make your lunch break a total breeze.


Built-in Ice Pack

The built-in ice pack keeps your food refreshingly cold, all without cutting into your precious lunch real estate.


A Removable Tray

The pop-out tray lets you separate your snacks from your sandwich, or simply remove it for extra room when you're packing a feast.


Secret Lid Stash

Tuck away your snacks, gums, or other small tools in this handy compartment built right into the lid for easy access.


Press & Pull latch

Keep your lunches safe and secured with latches that seal tight to prevent leaks, but are easy to open.


Fold-Away Handle

The handle disappears when you don't need it, but pops up for easy carrying when you're ready to take a break.


Tie-Down Spots

Got your hands full? No problem. Use the tie-down spots to secure your lunch box to your bag or bike for easy transport, whether you're heading to the job site or across town.

Only 8 left in stock — hurry!

Grab Your Pelican Cooler Now!

Your order is backed by our 3-year warranty. No BS, just a really good cooler.


Grab Your Ultimate Lunchbox For Just $79.95!

For less than a day's wages, you're getting a lunchbox that'll have your back for years, saving you from those awful lunchtimes with soggy sandwiches and warm drinks.

  • Keeps your stuff cold and fresh for over 48 hours
  • Built jobsite-tough to take whatever you throw at it
  • Tons of space to pack enough grub and drinks for those long shifts
Grab Your Pelican Cooler Now—Only $79.95

Order With Confidence: 3-Year Rock-Solid Warranty.

We're so confident in this product that we're throwing down a 3-year rock-solid warranty. That means if it breaks before three years, just let us know and we'll get you a brand new one. Simple as that.

But honestly, chances are you'll be using this lunchbox cooler for way longer than that. Try it out and see for yourself how amazing it is. So why wait? Order yours today and enjoy peace of mind.


Thousands Of People Love The Pelican Cooler—Read What They Are Saying About Our Pelican Cooler Line

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More than I expected out this little cooler it is great in size keeps ice really well food cold threw out the day along with drinks

Roberto H.


This cooler has a great easy latch. Opens and closes simply. It keeps food and drinks very cool. It's a nice size hard cooler. I take this to work and on picnics. My new favorite cooler.

Michelle Blalock


This cooler is epic. Keeps my lunch nice and cold and keeps everything at my fingertips at work. 10/10 would recommend



absolutely love it my favorite lunch box so far

Jake L.


I have it as a lunch box and it’s keep everything cold for a long long time! Worth every penny for someone that works in the heat for long periods of time.


Holds everything I need in my day and actually keeps it cold and fresh! Also a big fan of the latching system on the front. Much better than others on the market!

Jason R.


Really enjoying my new lunch box. Perfect in size and fits perfectly in my daycab.



Holds everything I need in my day and actually keeps it cold and fresh! Also a big fan of the latching system on the front. Much better than others on the market!


Only 8 left in stock — hurry!

Grab Your Pelican Cooler Now!

Your order is backed by our 3-year warranty. No BS, just a really good cooler.