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Top FAQs Answered

August 03, 2017

Top FAQs Answered

Q. Can I use dry ice inside of my Pelican™ Elite Cooler?

A. Absolutely. Dry ice may be used inside Pelican™ Elite Coolers but should never come in contact with the walls of the cooler. We recommended a sufficient thickness of cardboard (or some equivalent) be used to protect the cooler wall from the dry ice reaction in order to prevent damage to the cooler itself

In the image below, we used two layers of grocery store paper bags placed on the bottom of the cooler.  We decided to keep the dry ice inside of the packaging that we then placed on top of the paper bags. Next, we placed another two layers of paper bags on top and added a good layer of regular ice to create a deep freeze. With proper care & use, you won't have to worry about your cooler cracking or exploding. 

Packing Dry Ice Inside of a Pelican™ Elite Cooler

PLEASE NOTE: Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide and is safe to use inside your cooler in open well-ventilated areas and the outdoors.

When dry ice sublimates (melts) it release carbon dioxide gases into the air. Without proper ventilation, dry ice can cause shortness of breath. Keep your car windows down!

Protective gloves are required to prevent damage to skin. (We used oven mitts)

Lastly, dry ice is not recommended for the Pelican™ Elite Soft Coolers

When dry ice is used in conjunction with frozen water, it will take your cooler to the next level in ice retention. Have fun & be safe!


Q. Where can I buy replacement parts for my cooler?

A. We know that things happen, and sometimes you need to replace the hardware on your cooler. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to get Pelican Elite Cooler replacement parts.

We are an authorized Pelican dealer and distributor, and we've been given special permission to sell select replacement partsincluding replacement press & pull latches, drain plug assemblies, and gasketson our website. All of the replacement parts we carry can be found here.

You can also use the lifetime warranty on hard-sided Pelican Elite Coolers to get replacement parts from Pelican, including replacement parts that we do not carry (like handles and wheels). PLEASE fill out this form to ensure an organized and speedy resolution.  

Pelican Warranty Department

The warranty department will be able to assist you with:

  • Latches
  • Screws/other stainless steel hardware
  • Lid Gaskets
  • Drain plug assembly
  • Rubber feet
  • Handles
  • Tumbler lids
  • Tumbers
  • Bottles
  • Bottle lids
  • Wheels
  • Leaking ice pack
  • Decrease in ice retention
  • Signs of bowing
  • Any manufacturer defects on coolers, tumblers, drinkware, and accessories.


Q.Where can I buy a Pelican™ Elite Cooler near me?

A. Pelican™ Elite Coolers are predominantly sold online through online dealers & distributors as well as select retailers. Retailers such as Walmart and REI may carry select coolers and colors in store. 

We recommend you purchase all your Pelican Elite Cooler products from us at If you are in our area, we have a large showroom with all the cooler sizes, drinkware, and accessories for you to get your hands on. You can find as at Beam Distributing 8510 Sanford Drive Henrico, VA 23228. We are located right off Staples Mill Rd in the Hermitage Industrial Park.  We are a small, but mighty team eager to have customers for life!


Q. My drain plug is leaking, what can I do? 

A. Listen, you wouldn’t buy a pool before you test the pool’s drain plug for leaks or before inspecting the liner for holes or tears before filling it up and jumping in, would you?


No!! We recommend BEFORE you use a Pelican Elite Cooler for the first time, to fill the cooler up with enough water to test the drain plug. 9/10 times If your cooler is leaking, the plug is not tight enough. 

Tightening the drain plug:
  • Make sure the cooler is empty and dry. 
  • T20 Hex bit is needed. Remove the screw located on the outside of the drain plug.
  • With a Flat screw driver and a hammer, put the screw driver in one of the 2 notches and tap the screw driver clockwise to compress the gasket on the inside of the cooler. 
  • The inside piece of the drain should stay still as it sits in a groove and cannot move. 
  • The gasket should compress enough where the outside of the drain plug gets harder to tap around.
  • Water test for about 15 mins by filling the cooler enough where water is just above the entire inside drain assembly, angle cooler up a bit. 
  • When finished and the plug is sealed, reinstall the set screw, most likely it will be in a new spot and cooler should be good to go!

For extra coverage, apply waterproof silicone on the rubber gasket as well as the threads. You should see where the silicone was applied before.

 Applying silicone on drain plug:
  • T20 Hex bit is needed. Remove the screw located on the outside of the drain plug.
  • The plug is a two piece, male and female design. Take a screwdriver and a hammer and tap on the notches counter-clockwise and the outer ring should begin to loosen.
  • It's possible that the inside piece, in the cooler, will try to spin as well, if so you should be able to hold it and try tapping the outer ring again.
  • Reassemble. Put waterproof silicone on the rubber gasket as well as the threads. You should see where they have silicone it before.
  • Insert the male end inside of the cooler, hold in place and screw on the female side outside of the cooler.
  • Again hold the inside part of the plug as you screw on the outer ring.
  • Tap it until the plug/threads bottom out, and re-screw in the set screw.
  • You might have to make a new hole for the screw and that's ok.
  • There might be some excess silicone that is pressed out, just wipe away. And re-test.


To read the full list of FAQs visit our Help Center. We do our best to update this list with current & helpful questions and their answers. If you do not see your question, please email me at 

Thanks for being #PelicanProud!

Size + Capacity Guide

Need help choosing the right Pelican Elite Cooler? This guide will help take out some of the guesswork and get you on your boating trip faster.
L x W x H
L x W x H
L x W 2:1 RATIO Days

Dayventure Sling Soft Cooler

8.5 7.90 18.30" x 7.50" x 7.50" 14.60" x 5.90" x 5.90" 7.50" x 7.50" 12 1
Dayventure Backpack Soft Cooler

13 Upper

5.4 Lower

9.30 12.10" x 7.10" x 21.70" 10.60" x 5.10" x 5.30" 12.10" x 7.10 6 1
12-Can Elite Soft Cooler* 12.3 3 14.00" x 7.50" x 12.00" 12.00" x 6.00" x 7.00" 14.00" x 7.50" 12 1
24-Can Elite Soft Cooler* 23.66 5
17.00" x 13.50" x 10.00"
15.00" x 8.50" x 8.00"
17.00" 13.50" 24 2
48-Can Elite Soft Cooler* 47.32 8 20.00" x 13.00" x 16.00"
19.00" x 10.50" x 10.00"
20.00" x 13.00" 48 3
14QT Personal Cooler 8.3
18.00" x 11.50" x 13.00"
12.75" x 7.25" x 8.75"
14.00" x 8.75" 6 Up to 36 Hours
IM 20QT Elite Cooler 20.35 12.52 18.80" x 12.60" x 17.70" 12 x 6.70" x 14.10" 13.75" x 8.30" 15 Up to 2


20QT Elite Cooler*

19 16
20.12" x 15.07" x 14.12" 
14.75" x 10.00" x 8.75"
17" x 12.25" 15 2
30QT Elite Cooler 31 21.67
25.30" x 19.00" x 18.50"
14.60" x 10.20" x 11.00"
19.50" x 14" 22 6

35QT Elite Cooler*

33 32.16
26.41" x 20.00" x 18.75"
15.75" x 12.00" x 11.50"
20" x 16.75" 25 6-7
45QT Elite Cooler* 43 35.95
29.66" x 20.00" x 19.25"
19.00" x 12.00" x 12.00"
35 7
50QT Elite Cooler 50 26.39
30.00" x 20.30" x 20.40"
17.50" x 11.00" x 13.70"
22.50" x 14.50" 34 7-8
65QT Elite Cooler* 62 48
37.16" x 20.00" x 19.75"
26.50" x 12.00" x 12.50"
40 8-9
70QT Elite Cooler 68 33.29
36.00" x 20.30" x 21.00"
24.75" x  12.00" x 14.30" 
28.50" x 15.50" 46 9
95QT Elite Cooler 90 51
37.75" x 20.00" x 24.88"
27.34" x 12.00" x 17.62"
32" x 17" 72 10+
150QT Elite Cooler 142 66
44.88" x 25.00" x 24.38"
34.00" x 17.00" x 15.75"
39" x 22" 138 10+
250QT Elite Cooler 237 92
61.13" x 27.50" x 27.50"
50.25" x 17.00" x 17.50"
258 10+
45QT Elite Wheeled Cooler 43 37.25
29.66" x 20.00" x 19.25"
19.00" x 12.00" x 12.00"

25" x 20" (wheel to wheel)

28 7
55QT Wheeled Tailgater Cooler* 52 46.25
29.25" x 20.18" x 20.19"
20.00" x 12.00" x 14.25"
40 5
80QT Elite Wheeled Cooler 76 49.50
42.88" x 20.75" x 20.25"
29.00" x 13.00" x 13.00"
35" x 20" (wheel to wheel) 58 9-10





Dayventure 10oz 10 2.50" 5.43" 3.31" Stainless Steel
Dayventure 16oz 16
Stainless Steel
Dayventure 22oz 22 2.50" 9.06" 3.31" Stainless Steel




W x H

18oz 18 3.11" 9.63" 3.11" x 2.15" Stainless Steel 2.5"
32oz 32 3.62" 11"
3.11" x 2.15"
Stainless Steel
64oz 64 4.57" 13.17"
3.11" x 2.15"
Stainless Steel